Miniature Filet Lace
This fascinating old form of lacemaking is stitched on an open square mesh using simple embroidery stitches.  Originally the mesh was hand made but these days it is made mostly by machine.

It is possible to buy cotton filet lace mesh which is 14 holes per inch.  This is good to learn the basic filet lace stitches with. I have devised some miniature patterns for 14 hpi filet net and they are a good introduction to this needleart. 

I then decided that for my own dollhouse I would like filet lace that was more "true to scale".  The largest filet lace net used in full size work is 3 holes per inch, making the 12th scale equivalent 36 holes per inch. Being an avid petitpoint sticher led me to think about using silk gauze for making filet lace.

I then set about adapting this art to true miniature scale on 40 count silk gauze using YLI 100 silk thread.  Although more time consuming than petitpoint on silk gauze (you make 3 or 4 stitches into each hole rather than one), the work is really fine and flat and the delicacy of it justifies the extra effort.   The basic stitches are easy to learn and full instructions with photographs are supplied with each pattern.

Each pattern is rated for level of difficulty - the filet lace mesh patterns are all at the beginner level and naturally the finer ones for 40 count silk gauze are for those with more experience .
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