I have been making and designing "full size" cross-stitch items for many years.  More recently I have begun to work cross-stitch designs in miniature on linen. 

Before these patterns are made available, they are designed and stitched by myself.  Any corrections to the colours etc are then made, detailed instructions relating to the particular pattern are written and the pattern is amended prior to releasing for sale.  In other words, the patterns have had any "bugs" taken out of them.  Whilst this involves extra effort on my part, I feel it is essential to ensure there are no problems with the patterns before you, the customer, receive them.

Each pattern comes with a full colour chart with symbols and an instruction sheet.  They are printed on quality paper.  The patterns are rated for level of difficulty of the design, and indicate the thread count recommended.  The materials required to complete the project are listed on the back of the packet for your convenience, and each pattern comes in its own plastic sleeve.

Many of these cross stitch designs can also be used as beginner petitpoint projects, as they are all based on 32 count fabric and contain a limited number of colours. 
Miniature Cross-Stitch
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