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My Miniatures
The items on this page are part of my personal collection and are not for sale.  They are shown here only for your enjoyment. 

Some of the items I have made on these pages are unique and cannot be duplicated due to lack of materials, others have been made using patterns by other designers.  Wherever possible I have acknowledged other designers as I respect copyright laws.  I do not reproduce other designer's work for sale unless I have their permission in writing. 

If you are interested in purchasing finished items from me, first check the Gallery section of this website to see what is currently available for sale, or contact me by using the link on this page to discuss your requirements.
This is the beading gallery as it appeared in the 2010 Knox U3A Art Show, winning Best Craft in Show

This roombox is the result of a year-long obsession with the art of beading, and a desire to translate beading to miniatures.  All the items are 1/12th scale, and all are made using a needle and thread - not glued - and traditional beading stitches.  Almost everything in the shop is my own design.  The shop is part of my personal collection and is not for sale.

The shop was entered in the 2010 U3A Knox Art Show, and was awarded Best Craft in Show.  My thanks to Knox City Council for the substantial cash prize.

Click on any photo for an enlarged slide show.
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